Memorandum is a series about the last years of my mom. She had Alzheimer’s disease and she was not able to go. And it is also about the transcendence in or of life.

Accompanying her to her very last moment over years, I very often tried to imagine, what she thought, where she was, what she felt, because in her last two years my mom was not able to talk, to eat properly, she was not even able to move, no leg, no hand, nothing.

If she only would have been in the immanent world, our reality, it would or must have been the pure agony. So I always hoped she already lived in another world, in a world of heroes and princesses, in a world of beautiful nature, in a world of peace, at least in her own world.

In this phase of life she was not any more part of our society. Visiting her mostly every day over years, I was always wondering how seldom all these amazing people in the home for the elderly were visited by their relatives. In the end they all were not part of society any more. All these people are still one of our western tabus. Put them away, so we do not have to see them, though they are our mothers and fathers. Put them away, so we do not see our own fear of becoming older and helpless. Put them away and years later you will understand what you did.

These pieces I drew years later after my mother finally died and found her piece, all these pieces just happened in their huges sizes, so you can not look away anymore. You can not ignore them, though a few of them are so shy and peaceful and transparent. In the first exhibition I suddenly understood their intense fragility, their poetry, their ability to welcome people and make them cry.

Though I have the incredible feeling that I need to protect these pieces because they are so fragile, but I also want to show them, I want people to see them. And therefor you just need the perfect place, perhaps a place that is in the same situation, partly existing in the immanent world and partly being transcendent.