Stephan Geisler

This site is about my art, my ideas, my visions, my experiments. Please feel welcome to have a long and closer look, to dive into my world and enjoy hopefully different and weird ideas, that inspire you in this or that way. Do you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.

First Drawing, then Painting were my most loved artistic techniques. I never thought I would work digitally, but after doing my first lines on an iPad, I directly got addicted. And now I cannot imagine not to work digitally any more. Here you find my first digital projects and I am myself more than curious to see what happens next!

Drawing and painting is my obsession. I cannot live without, wherever these crazy times go to. During a painting process you are so extremely connected with yourself, your ideas, your thoughts and your visions. The best moments I ever had, I did find in painting. If you would like to get an idea, what painting really is, you should visit me in my studio and have a look at the originals. Only there you can get the energy of a picture.

The original is the original, no doubt, but so many people neither have the space for a huge painting nor have the monetary background, but fell in love with a picture. So after many years people were asking me, if they could have a print of a painting, I decided to create a limited edition from every original on an amazing high quality Hahnemühle paper. You can find all prints here: STEPHAN GEISLER (link zum Shop)

The best way for an artist to find his structure is to work in projects. I have my whole-life-projects like working with people, portraits and dancers aso. But I also appreciate to define little projects like the Corona Graphics or the Greyhound Ornaments. The aim of the Corona Graphics was to create one digital work every day over the period of 36 days beginning with the lock-down in Germany, whereas the Greyhound Ornaments had a very experimental character to find new ways of working.

A postcard can be a memory of an artwork. You can send an idea of an artwork to a friend to share your love for a painting, to send a note, a special energy or to create a small special