This site contains a few parts and directions of my artistical work. Coming from visual communication, drawing, illustration I turned more and more into the huge field of painting.

The first years painting was my personal search for freedom, I just wanted to become more and more and more free. Then after a certain time I recognized that freedom is more complex than I thought, than I even could imagine. The pure freedom in painting can be like hell, when you do not know, where to go, what decision to make and how to find out, when a painting is finally finished. In every second you could do millions of different decisions.

Then I decided, yes, I want freedom, but in borders I defined before. The reality is my border. I want reality, I want people to see something. I need encounters, people, situations to get inspired, I need my muse. But in these borders of realistic definition I wanted to be as free as possible. This balance is now the base of my paintings.

But after finding out, that pure freedom is not possible for me, another aim appeared, an aim, I still focus on. It is the search for intensity. That can be massive intensity with a lot of material and gesture, but it can also be the intensity of fragility and tenderness.

If paintings are like that, a beholder really starts to interact and communicate with this piece in a non-rational, a non-reflective, but in a pure emotional way. This is magic.



position – 150×200 cm – chalk and acrylic on canvas