A very early work – 2007 – when I used to work on different materials. I still love it and I just found it in my storage. A translation of the title would be something like “Attila curtsies really phat.”

It is a mixed media work on wood, 15x40x2cm and the price is 240 €.


Atila 3




“Ein Stück Schwarzwälder, bitte!” – A classical order in an old German cafe! It is a wonderful torte, with cherries, cream and “cherry water”. Aaaah I love it!

If it comes to food, it is so amazing to arrange it, work with light and background colors, create a special and specific atmosphere and take fotos! Perfect!

But to paint food is so extremely difficult, because mostly  you just have no form. Think of a Risotto, Spaghetti Bolognese, a Tiramisu or a pumpkin soup. If you are extremely exact and realistic in your style, then it works very well, though it is still a challenge. But then you are also very close to a foto.

So the other way would be to find food, that has a form, like a burger, whole pieces of meat, bread or cakes. So in this piece I decided to paint a piece of Schwarzwälder Torte.

I had a form but I could also play around in a more experimental way. And then it is 200×150 cm, a huge not eatable piece. I am wondering how you feel sitting close to it, if you really see what it is, or you you look at it sitting a bit more far away! What do you think.

By the way if this piece is too big, it is also available as a print on vat paper, signed and limited on 12 pieces in 2 sizes.

30×40 cm (+ 1 cm white edge around) – 90 €

60×81 cm (+ 1 cm white edge around) – 240 €


And here are the other ones of this series. Enjoy and have a happy day!




Two versions of one theme – sometimes you are inspired by a theme or a figure  in such a great und intense way, that you can not stop to try different versions. Often I feel so extremely old-fashioned that the old old muse is my main search to paint, but … it is.

Both pieces are 70×70 cm – acrylic and mixed media on canvas – the price of one is 1.300 €


Rosi 1 und Rosi 2 – Zwei weidende Kühe inmitten eines Universums mit gekugelten Rosen und weißen fliegenden Bällen. Aber sie wundern sich nie. Sie grasen einfach weiter und immerzu!

Rosi 1 and Rosi 2 – Two pasturing cows in the midst of an universe of rolled roses and white flying balls. They never marvel. They continue grazing and never stop.

Each piece is 70×70 cm – mixed media on canvas – 1.300 €