New Works

Again I am in a wonderful work flow. I wake up around five in the morning, take 5 steps down to my studio, activate my coffee-machine to drink my first coffee, switch the light on, have a look at all my works in process and nip my first coffee ……. aaaaaaah


“view from above” – 70c70 cm – acrylic and chalk on canvas 1.200 €


Then I start to paint. My little dogs, the Italian greyhounds Lupo and Cooper wake up around half past six, they jump out of the bed, come to me to join me and to get their first cuddle session of the day. Then we have our first looooong walk of the day in the Westpark. When we are back they get their food and I continue painting.



“two friends” small version – 70c70 cm – acrylic, fabric and chalk on canvas 1.200 €


The I work at least up to twelve or one. This is the period of the day I love most, just paint paint paint ….. just interrupted by two iggies coming here and there to ask: “Can we play now or go out?”



“dark laughter” – 70c70 cm – acrylic, fabric and chalk on canvas 1.200 €


Usually I love huge paintings. These are more or less the first small paintings of men. Let me know what do you think! Do you enjoy them or are you more into the other sizes?